Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

Wow....I can't believe it's been so long since I posted! I have been asked several times but never did anything. sorry....

All is well!

I went for a PET scan on Monday the 23rd and found the results today (Friday). NO new lesions! I have a few hanging around and one that WAS active has shrunk and still being a little active. This I can handle!

About three weeks ago I found out that my CEA level had elevated almost 100 points higher than it was. Of course the first thing any human being does is - panic! Then I decided to check the internet.... I read and felt this was for me....that sometimes an active lesion/tumor dissolves and goes into your blood stream making the CEA (protein) level show higher....that and today I found out that anything can increase the number...being ill, coughing, stress....

Praying to God has really helped me too! This scan I prayed the entire time. Without anything else entering my mind and wandering off....I prayed so hard that I saw Jesus standing next to me with His hands raised over my abdomen healing me. It was such a beautiful feeling that I did shed a few tears!!!!

Finding that you only pray to God at the age of 64 is strange in itself! Here I thought you had to pray to saints! Any saint, all saints...but you don't have to. Go to the big guy!!! All the saints would have to relay the prayer to God! so you may as well go straight to the man!(or woman)....

I also heard that you should NOT pray to people that have passed! You can share memories with them but don't pray to them as they can't help you...they are busy doing God's work and can't help you.

I may sound a bit freaky...but when you have such great results and are open to receiving God - you will understand.

Sometimes I try preaching this to my kids but they aren't ready to hear it yet.

Charlie put the house on the market, again. I'm not ready to move and not sure if I'd really ever be ready. I enjoy seeing my kids on a weekly basis! I enjoy cutting hair!!! I have so many friends. I know you can make friends anywhere...but once you're away from your kids....they say they'd visit...but it would never be on a weekly basis. I'd be ready to move once one of them moves on...well, actually its easy for me to say that now...but I'm sure I'd have another excuse not to leave.

We had a few problems with SS...they said Charlie earned too much money last year (His first year collecting). They go monthly on the first year. He was very concerned on how much he made keeping an eye on his monthly earnings....but what I think happened is that he worked for Lowe's the entire year. Full time until he retired then he went part time. SS took his yearly income as part time. Their error!!!! So glad we found it and fixed it. It would have been a lot of money that we wouldn't have received for one month or at their suggestion, over a three year period!


yesterday, we get three (3) certified letters that we are being sued! I almost had to peel Charlie off the floor! I knew it was wrong. It was regarding a scan I got last June! and I had received a letter, then a few calls from a collection agency - which was supposedly fixed...until now....and due to my scheduled appointment today, I was able to get things straightened out. Seems that WE are the first EVER to get sued by the facility where I get my scans!!! again - THEIR error!

Charlie is planning on going to SC for a few days (to look at homes) then he and his sister Cathy will drive to see their Dad in Florida. I'm sure his Dad will be very happy to see both of them.

You can now consider yourself UPDATED! Again, if you don't see any new posts....everything is good!

Always remember: God will heal you! Ask or even demand that He heals you!!! He loves each and every one of us. Put your worries in His hands.

okay, done preaching too!

Thank you again, for praying to God for my healing!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Just wanted to let you all know, I have a NEW computer and NO email addresses! I'm waiting to get ALL my junk from my old computer BACK onto this just in case you haven't received an email from me = this is why. Hopefully I do get them all back!

I'd like to WISH all of you Mom's a very Happy Mother's Day! To women that never bore children, you are still a mom to someone! To men that have raised their children while your wife is working, you are considered a mom! and anyone else that I missed = Enjoy your day!

I go see Dr. May on Monday and I figured as long as I'm in Sparta I'll do my 6 month check up with Dr. O'Shea (breast care specialist). They are both in the same building. As long as I don't have to wait too long to see Dr. May, I'll make it to my other appointment right on time!

I had 'decreased' the Xeloda pills this time - now taking a total of 3,000 mg per day. I eliminated two 150 mg pills (per day). I'm still a little tired. It takes me a while to do my chores. I have to sit for a minute before continuing. I have 'some' symptoms. My skin is very dry and peeling a little on my hands - it's really around my finger nails that is dry. My feet not only tingle but if I stand too long they hurt. I keep putting lotion on both (hands and feet).

Not sure if I said this in my last blog = my feet = when I have to explain the feeling....I feel like they are Clown Feet! those humongous shoes! A little comical but hard to explain in any other term.

Other than that = All is Well.

Take care = Enjoy life!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Blessed Easter to All....a little late but God is always here for us and is showing us His miracles each day.

I went for my usual follow up visit with Dr. May yesterday. The only complaint I have is that you (I) arrive on time....but don't see the doctor for another hour! Nurses come in and take your vitals and your blood! and then you wait! Thank goodness I have my Kindle to keep me company! I usually play Word With Friends and I have one friend that is just about on all the I'm always thinking of words to make! (thank you Barb!). My blood work (CBC) was very good.

This was my week off after increasing the dosage of my Xeloda by 1,000 mg each day. I did tell Dr. May my symptoms of which I tended to embellish a bit....I told her that my feet really hurt - especially as the day ends. They feel like a Clown's Big Feet! They do burn a little but it's bearable. Then I also told her my energy level has gone down....I do get tired a lot easier and it's noticeable to me. I find I need to sit after doing normal cleaning, laundry and other stuff. I was hoping she'd drop the dosage back to what it was but she said - one step at a time....She suggested we try to eliminate the 2 - 150 each mg. per day. So now I will take: 3 - 500 mg in the morning and at night = 3,000 mg rather than the 3,300 mg per day.

I can deal with the burning feet and tingling fingers but I don't like the energy level being so low. There are times that I don't even want to get up to prepare a meal....I'd rather just eat what is around = making me FAT! = eating junk food that I thought I'd never buy again....someone here is weeeeeeeeaaaaak!

Funny though, I did well on Easter....I did prepare grilled eggplant parmesan for Paul on Saturday as well as making the meatballs and sauce. On Sunday I made the stuffed shells, prepared my prime ribs and then made all the veggies and mashed potatoes....After sitting down to dinner (which was very late) I hated getting back up to clear the table and do the dishes. Thank goodness I had my kids help!

Nick was the only one that didn't have to work. Paul ended up helping Sam at the country club (as she was short some servers). They both arrived home at 7:30 with food on the table. Charlie had to work at Lowe's too, coming home about 6:15. Nicholas and I kept each other company.

I'm having computer problems! Seems I had two virus's and over 350 bugs! After cleaning it all up = my computer is running SLOWER!! so frustrating!!! Just getting onto Facebook takes forever and longer to post stuff! I posted some Easter photo's late last night and it took about 2 hours just to do that!!! I was ready to pull out my hair...well, not really but I was totally frustrated!

Charlie celebrated his birthday on Friday the 18th. He worked and then went bowling (his normal weekly thing)...WE (it was only the two of us) had his cake (I sung Happy Birthday) at 10:30 pm! With his bowling league on Friday's....seems every holiday fell on that day == our anniversary, Valentine's Day and his birthday! Thank goodness mine is on Thursday! Not that it really matters = it's just another day and I'm not one for going out.....another day, another year....I'm alive!

That kind of sounds depressing....but I'm not. I'm happy and loving this warmer weather. I even drove back from Sparta with my convertible top down yesterday! I love my car!

That's my update for now - if you don't see anything - everything is okay! No news is good news!

Friday, April 4, 2014

12:43 AM - Saturday, April 5, 2014

Getting ready to go to bed but decided to sit here and type this....

Going to another facility to have a written report for a PET scan can be very confusing. Words used are so different and the meanings are sometimes hard to understand = good? or bad???

I didn't get a copy of this report until Dr. May handed it to me. She discussed it with me but just the highlights of it....

She was very happy with the results...but I didn't quite understand what this report meant? Was I completely healed?

YES, NO signs of breast cancer! Healed!!! God healed me!

Now for the colon cancer....still not 100% sure....reading it over a few times I have come to the conclusion that the lesions are still there but it seems that only one is 'active'. Actually one lesion in the lung is completely gone....and the others have gotten smaller but they don't seem to be active, except for one in the liver.

Dr. May wants me to increase the dosage of the chemo pill - I'm thinking its because she wants to aggressively treat these lesions till they are completely gone. I begin my two weeks ON - I will increase the dose to three (3) 500 mg. and one (1) 150 mg in the morning and then the same at night = for two (2) weeks. I see her the week off and we will see if I have any symptoms.

The only symptom that is annoying is the upset stomach, running back and forth to the bathroom....this time it seemed to be every other day (and on my week off). It's doable but that's because I'm scares me because I never know when I will feel this way.....and why do I let it scare me like this?!!!

God has His plan and it seems that He is healing me. I am staying positive because I do know that one day I will be completely healed!!! God loves us all and wants the best for all of us. I believe!!! I am an open vessel and accepting His words.

Thank you, again, for your continued support and prayers!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

When I was growing up, I was so shy and hardly had anything to say....well, I sure did make up for lost time! I can talk about anything!!! And here is my platform on my PET scan....

Appointment scheduled for Monday, March 31st at Hackettstown Hospital (about a 20 minute drive). The day before a scan your not suppose to exercise = hmmmm, sure for the first time I wanted to work out and couldn't! and no sugar or fruit....just protein. I can do that = that's the diet I was on in November = when I went to the nutritionist....and fell off of it....

I left here at 8:05 AM - knowing that I had to register at the front desk of the hospital and not knowing what the parking lot would be like....I arrived 15 minutes early....

Registered and then walked down to the radiation department....I was to begin the scan about 9....

I had my Kindle with me (just in case I had to wait) but no wireless connection, so I just played solitare.

The woman I spoke with, I believe she is the receptionist...walked in about 10 minutes later saying she was stuck in problem....

With this scan, they inject you with this 'stuff' and you have to sit quietly for 50 minutes....well, here I am = still sitting!

The delivery of the 'stuff' was late!!! They didn't arrive until 9:45!!! All that sitting and I wasn't going to get out of there until noon!

They have this really nice resting room. A little water fall fountain, candles and soft lights = NO kindle! No mental stimulation...just sit back and recline for 50 minutes.

My body told me when time was up....I had to go to relieve my bladder so bad and it was perfect timing! Then into get the scan!

Twenty minutes later...I was back out in the waiting room, waiting for the CD to bring on Friday.

Karen (receptionist) was very nice, handed me some water and crackers while I waited.

I asked the technicial when Dr. May would get the written report. He said she should get it in two or three days = which would be perfect for me --- she should have it on Friday and I will know what's going on inside my body.

I believe that God has healed me! I am very anxious to hear the news!

That's my story for the day.....always waiting.....for something......

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

What a day!!! On the phone practically all morning!!!

When I saw Dr. May on the 14th of this month she said I was 'finally' approved for a PET scan....being on the chemo pill for two weeks, I had plenty of time to make my appointment. This week is the second week so I decided not to wait until the end or middle of this week to schedule the scan.

I called Newton Imaging (the same building as the cancer center)....come to find out that their PET scan machine is broken and has been for a month!!!! with NO sight for it to be fixed right now....

first call AFTER speaking with Newton Imaging = to the doctor's office = where do I go now? Morristown, Dover....what about Hackettstown (so much closer)...yes, they will do it there BUT you have to call your insurance co. to ask them to change the site for this scan...

second call: called insurance co.....NO, you have to call the Hackettstown Hospital to have them agree to doing this scan.

third call: called the hospital = NO, I have to call the insurance co. back OR the doctors office and tell them that we have ANTHEM blue cross/blue shield and not Horizon....

forth call: called doctors office - we know you have is the authorization number, call back the hospital and give it to them.

fifth call: called hospital and made the appointment for the scan = Monday, March 31st at 8:45 AM....BUT I still have to get the authorization number from the doctors office. I also need to go to Sparta to pick up the CD of my last scan (so they can compare it with this new scan). I can leave with the 'new' CD....wonder how long it will take to get a written report?!!! I wonder if they will fax a copy to Dr. May or if it needs to be read by the radiologist in Sparta (Newton Imaging).

sixth call: called doctors office and got the authorization number - which ended up missing one number (finding out after I made the seventh call).

eighth call: called doctors office and ended up leaving a message and asking her to call me back knowing all this was call back!!!!

So....I have an appointment for a pre-authorized PET scan at Hackettstown Hospital on Monday, the 31st. I will go home with the CD and bring it to Dr. May's office on Friday the 4th of April....UNLESS she wants it brought to her office BEFORE my follow up on the 4th.

All this....and I'm still not sure if the hospital will get all this information....I'm sure it will be okay...I would just like to know ahead of time.

I had all this information on scraps of note paper - hoping I'd remember what to say to whom!!! and see what the next step was....

All this time on the phone and I was so surprised that no one tried calling here!!! I think I would have gone just a little crazy if someone tried calling!

God does work in mysterious ways!!!!

Thanks for listening!!

Next update will be AFTER I find out the results of the scan.....

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday, March 18th

When people ask why I haven't posted in a while, I was asked to say the following:

THERE AIN'T A FRIGGING THING TO SAY LOL.....and Believe in Miracles

quoted from an 'old' friend....John O'Toole..........